Mary Richardson

Mary Richardson

How long have you been dancing for and how did you get into it?
63 years ! Since the age of 3. My mother took me to ballet classes and then she took over the dancing school in 1957 – I started teaching at 17 years of age.

What is your favourite dance and why?
Foxtrot – as I love the music. Waltz as it shows all elements – rise & fall, creating lines, slow and fast actions. Rumba – the music again and the classical actions. Cha-cha – Probably the easy and exciting one to teach.

What is your speciality?
As a teacher I cover all aspects from small children to adults, beginners to competitive and professionals.

Your achievements?
Competitively, British Finalist (Latin American), lecturer, Carl Alan award, teachers award, Member of British Dance Council (BDC). I have trained several British Champions. Fellow examiner N.A.T.D, Fellow ISTD (life member).

Dancing is about…
Having fun, whilst learning a skill, which means moving with a partner to music – FANTASTIC!

Your favourite saying?
I have two really: 1. It’s a good lady dancer who makes the man think he’s in charge (on the dance floor). 2. We don’t need you to be perfect dancers – otherwise we will be out of business !!!

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