Tom Nickson

Tom Nickson

How long have you been dancing for and how did you get into it?
About 40 years. Started as a social dancer then took medals, entered medalist competitions and eventually become an open competition at amateur level. I was then persuaded that I would make a good teacher and turned professional when I was about 35.

What is your favourite dance and why?
Argentine Tango, it is a truly improvisational dance and therefore allows total freedom to express the music. It is an immensely liberating experience! I run the American Argentine Tango Club

What is your speciality?
I teach the 10 Ballroom and Latin American dances and Argentine Tango equally.

Your achievements?
Won the Pierre Trophy. Tought Argentine Tango to two stars of the TV programme “Casualty”

Dancing is about…
…expressing the music whilst being at one with you partner.

Your favourite saying?
“NO! – do it again.”

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