Trudi Shepherd

Trudi Shepherd

How long have you been dancing for and how did you get into it?
I started dancing at 2.5 doing Ballet. Competed from 8yrs-16yrs in Old Time Dancing. Ballroom + Latin from 17 yrs, because this was the only place I could find a man tall enough to dance with 🙂

What is your favourite dance and why?
Ballroom: Foxtrot – so elegant and just glides across the floor. Latin: Samba – Happy, jolly carnival dance.

What is your speciality?
Teaching any age (5-85 yrs) or ability to dance. Also singles or couples.

Your achievements?
Reading the top 24 in the world in Ballroom. Also represented England in various events.

Dancing is about…
Fun and social !!! Getting folks to be able to put a few steps together for social occasions through to very hard work for those who want to achieve goals.

Your favourite saying?
Remember, dancing is about fun.
Wedding couples: Remember, nobody knows what you are suppose to be dancing, so just smile and keep going
I want you to be like a Swan – smooth and elegant on top, even if all Hell is breaking out down below
Two left feet? Excellent can always use a spare :)9

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